Modern Home in Harmony

The house is designed with a modern concept, but has a value of harmony with the environment. In general, this house is designed to provide comfort, peace and harmony for the residents.

The house located in Perth, Western Australia, on the outskirts of the Cottesloe beach. At the front of this house you will see a large veranda design that offers us a low glass divider with a little steel ornaments button acts as an accessory and adhered to the glass. A living room and kitchen to join shared only with a simple elegant furniture that creates its own nuances. This is automatically completely separate and you can tell that this is the kitchen and this is the living room without having to add a divider is not like years ago the conventional house design. The bathroom is also designed as the simplest way to get a stylish compact cabinet that can be found just below the sink.

Overall it’s very nice, interior designers simply add extra details that make a house without a lot of contemporary life is much easier to breath. This house gives the harmony of modern life but full gentleness and peace.