Luxury Villa in Andalusia, Spain

Luxury buildings can be seen from the architecture, furnishing and surroundings. There is a great gift in Andalusia, Spain – which has exceptional natural beauty. One of them occupies the south panorama, overlooking the western embankment, with impressive views to the Mediterranean, the Rock of Gibraltar and the Serrania de Ronda.

Choosing natural beauty as the basic idea of design. McLean Quinlan divide the building has seven bedrooms for the family and their guests in three linked pavilions separated by a private pool, garden and patio stones. landscape creates a natural orientation for the building. This layer is defined both shade and space from which to enjoy the sunshine. Shadow effects and water in a garden helps to reduce heat in the daytime out of sight and provide peace of soul and mind.

As far as the eye looked at, it must feel calm and relaxed. Until the evening, the peace will be felt strongly in this villa.